PTReportGen Standard Edition 2.9.0

Generate reports without programming expertise


  • Create reports without programming experience
  • Include pictures, charts, etc. in your reports
  • Connects to all databases using ODBC


  • Not very attractive
  • Help isn't very clear


PTReportGen is a report generator for Microsoft PowerPoint that outputs reports in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Microsoft PowerPoint users and people with experience in writing SQL statements will be able to use PTReportGen to create all kinds of reports from all kinds of databases. To create a report, PTReportGen uses a report template and PTR files. The report template file is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that defines the layouts and formats of a report.

The PTR file contains SQL statements and some information, and tells PTReportGen how to get data from database and how to assemble this information into a report. First, PTReportGen creates a blank report using the report template file. It then executes SQL statements from the PTR file to get data from the database, and transfers this data into the report. The resulting document is produced in an easy-to-use Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Although let down by a less-than-attractive interface, PTReportGen is a sure bet for generating reports in PPT format.

Added an option to show the group name in the new page


  • Added an option to show the group name in the new page


PTReportGen Standard Edition 2.9.0

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